Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce "tjoos"?

"tjoos" is pronounced like "choose". Because when you use tjoos, you're choosing to save money, and we're here to make that easy!

What is a coupon?

A coupon will get you a discount, shipping deal, free item — or give you access to deals, sales or promotions. On tjoos, coupons come in two forms: a code and a link.

CODE: Click to reveal a coupon code and the site will open in a new tab. Copy the code from the pop-up and paste it in that site's coupon code field, usually located in the shopping cart.

CLICK TO REDEEM LINK: Click to redeem the coupon. The promotion will automatically be applied at the site, which will open in a new tab, or will simply take you to the site if the offer was a link to a sale or does not require a code.

What does it mean if a coupon has been "verified"?

The tjoos team hand-tests most coupons for popular merchants to make sure that they work — if they do, the coupon is marked as "verified".

How do I find a specific coupon on tjoos?

To find a coupon for a specific store, type in the search box either the store URL ( or store name (Best Buy).
To find a coupon for a specific product, browse by category (Home & Garden), and then subcategory (Gardening).

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