Top Five Things I Love About The Olympics (plus one thing I hate)

2. August 2012 04:01

The Olympic Games have been going on for about a week now, and I'm remembering all there is to love about the Olympics:

5.  All those "how do they DO that?" moments--synchronized diving and most gymnastics events come to mind.

4.  Teamwork that brings rewards.  I love the team events, where each member's contribution is essential.

3.  Local flavor.  We've got a hometown girl in the Olympics for the second time (Carli Lloyd of US Women's Soccer.)  After the last Summer Games, the town had a parade in her honor.

2.  Seeing the sheer joy in a competitor's face (regardless of their team) when they see that they have not only achieved a personal best, but broken an Olympic record to boot.

And the number-one thing I love about the Olympics:  It inspires the kids to get out and get active.  After watching a few minutes of Beach Volleyball, Ten and a couple of his friends wandered outside for their own pick-up volleyball game.  The fence between two backyards was their net, and since they had to play on grass, they used a beach ball to keep the Beach Volleyball vibe strong.

I hate that journalists refer to Olympic medals as "hardware."  Hardware, to me, refers to hammers, nails, nuts and bolts--not an award given for a superior performance in one's chosen sport.

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