Fire When Ready

31. July 2012 01:06

It's almost time for the college students among us to wrap up their summer jobs and take their bed-lifters and plastic drawer units out of the basements and remove the mini-fridges from their parents' garages.  Within the next 3 or 4 weeks, highways will be clogged with cars stuffed so full of snacks, towels, comforters and clean laundry that the drivers can barely see out the back windshields.

For Twenty, this fall's move-in day will see him moving into an on-campus apartment rather than the dorms.  That means he'll be doing a lot of cooking for himself this year.  That means that he'll need to finish up his summer cooking lessons with me pretty soon.  After all, man cannot live on jambalaya, fried potatoes and over-easy eggs alone--though I am happy that his repertoire includes foods other than ramen noodles.

He's been making a list of things he wants to learn to cook, and I'm going to prepare a few dishes ahead of time that can be frozen for quick meals later.  One of those is Vodka Pasta sauce.  It's not like he'll be able to make this for himself at school, since he's not old enough to buy one of the key ingredients.

My sister shared her recipe, which included the Most Hilarious Cooking Tip I've ever seen:

"Add vodka--slowly.  No more than 2 ounces at a time or flames will shoot up.  This has never happened to me (unfortunately)."

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