Athletic Immunity

23. July 2012 05:09

Are you as surprised as I was that Penn State Football didn't get the "death penalty" because of the actions of the people in charge?

Honestly, I'd expected more of the NCAA, given the incriminating evidence in the Freeh report.  In my opinion, this is a mere slap on the wrist, especially since the $60 million in fines doesn't necessarily have to come from athletic-department funds.  Will PSU tell its chemistry professors to do without new lab equipment and force resident students to make do with furniture well past its prime in order to come up with the money without sacrificing more from its treasured sports programs?

With only 5 weeks until the kickoff of the college football season, fans of the Nittany Lions don't have much time to decide about their allegiance to a team that's banned from bowl games for the next four years and has been stripped of 14 years of winning records.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of TV contracts, attendance at home games and the wearing of Lions-themed apparel.  Will outrage win out over loyalty?

The disgrace of this situation goes well beyond the removal of an iconic statue.  It has the potential to change the way fans and universities think about athletic programs--I truly hope it does.

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