No More Words

16. July 2012 05:53


I need words; that's how I learn.  It's much easier for me to process information that is written down, that I can look at again and again, while I'm learning a new task, skill or concept.   Maybe that's why I like recipes.


This morning I was exploring a smartphone app that a friend had recommended.  When I visited the website, there was almost no text:  just a few graphics and an invitation to view a video that would make the whole thing clear to me.


The best way to get me NOT to try something is to offer to show me a video so I can learn how to use it.


I don't want to watch a video.  Yes, the visual is there, but much of the information is presented through audio instructions.  My sewing machine, similarly, didn't come with an instruction manual--instead, there was a DVD in the box.  Great:  I can watch a movie of a skilled seamstress making a tablecloth, but I have no idea how to thread the stupid machine.


If video is the way of the future, I won't be learning too many new things.


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