Kickin' It

12. July 2012 03:49

The biggest sports fan in my family is my ten-year-old.  While I am an avid Notre Dame football and basketball fan, I don't pay much attention to other sporting events until the Winter Olympics come along and I get to watch 5 whole minutes of my favorite event (Luge).

But Ten wakes up every morning and turns on SportsCenter, checking on the scores of games between teams he has no attachment to.  It's an obsession, just like his obsession with soccer.

He's played soccer for the past two years and is getting ready for this fall's season.  He loves to talk soccer with his coach, who teases him for always practicing in a jersey advertising his favorite player (Messi from Argentina) or his favorite team (Philadelphia Union.)  I think Ten feels like he's a better player when he dresses like one.

Last night he and his dad went to a Union game.  He told me all about it this morning; his favorite part of the game is when the players are announced and the fans cheer.  There are 5 drums in the stadium, he says, and the sound of the drums gets the fans going.  Plus, he told me, "I think they use them to agonize the other team."

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