It's a Tease

9. July 2012 02:56

There are 7 more weeks until school starts around here, but as soon as the Fourth of July decorations came down in the stores, the Back-to-School sales got into a full swing.

While I appreciate these 7 weeks of opportunities to buy my kids' school supplies at a discount, these early sales really do drive me crazy.  For one thing, the temperatures are in the 90s right now, so newspaper ads that reference clothing better suited for autumn weather make me long for chilly mornings where a jacket is required.  And while I love my kids dearly, sometimes the constant bickering that serves as background music for my afternoons and evenings makes me wish that they were spending a chunk of the day in school, away from each other, and bickering with someone else where I can't hear them.

Worst of all, though, is the huge assortment of really cool school supplies that are all over the place.  It's been 11 years since I was last on my way back to school as a teacher--11 long years since I could pick out a big bagful of school supplies for myself and have a good excuse for doing so.  My new planner doesn't start until August, and I've got my eye on all kinds of new pens, pencils and markers, not to mention Post-It notes in every color under the sun.

They're for the kids.  Or so I keep telling myself as I back away from yet another display of legal pads and graph paper.

We're constantly adding new coupons to our Back to School section!  From calculators and backpacks to the latest styles in shoes and sweaters, we've got your back-to-school needs covered.  We've even got electronic textbooks for students of all ages (college too!)  Best of all, you can do all this shopping from your own home--no standing in long lines at the stores.

My first order is going to include a huge box of brand-new crayons--for me.  Nothing says "Back to School" like the scent of Crayola.