Packs of Fun

3. July 2012 05:54


Trading cards have come a long way since my own childhood, when you had the choice of baseball cards and "Wacky Packs" that spoofed well-known national brands. (Mom never let us buy those. Yes, I'm still sulking a bit over that.)

While Ten enjoys collecting baseball cards, he is a much bigger fan of trading cards that are part of a game. He and his friends are big into the Yu-Gi-Oh craze--the very one I thought had petered out about a decade ago.

Silly me--it's still going strong.

I'm convinced that these cards are definitely overpriced, but I don't consider them a complete waste of money.  As I've listened to Ten and his buddies play the game, I've noticed all the skills that they're required to use in order to succeed at the game:


  • Reading comprehension
  • Strategic thinking
  • Planning ahead
  • Basic mathematics
  • Memory
  • Spatial relations
  • Organization


And then there are the social skills that are exercised while the kids play this game: sharing, taking turns, winning (and losing) graciously.

Kids could do far worse than to spend an hour or two on a summer day strengthening skills that will serve them well in their academic and social lives.

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