In Motion

26. June 2012 04:52

From where I sit, I can look up the stairs and see that, once again, my daughter left the light on in the bathroom.  I've gone upstairs at least three times already today to turn that light off.  The first time, I discovered that Ten had, once again, forgotten to turn off the light in his bedroom.  Ten is also famous for leaving the basement light on after he's gone downstairs to get something.

As my father used to say, "Do you kids think we own the electric company?"

I save money off my utility bill by opening windows on beautiful days like today, and I always take advantage of the free breeze and sunshine to dry my family's laundry--until it's cold enough that the wet clothing freezes on the clothesline.  I try not to leave things plugged into chargers once the batteries are fully loaded.  I only run the dishwasher when I have a full load.  And that's all good for the environment as well as my budget's bottom line.

I just wish I could get the kids on board.

I know, I know--I should send them back to turn the lights off themselves.  That only works if the guilty party is still at home when I discover that, once again, they're wasting electricity.

My best bet may be some technological modifications that will take care of the problem for me.  I can't decide:  do I want the motion-sensing light switch for the bathrooms and basement or should I go with a smart switch that I can control right from my desk?  Good thing The Home Automation Store has both--and more!  You can save 10% off your purchase at The Home Automation Store with coupon code 10off.