Who Has the Floor?

20. June 2012 13:08


Summer vacation can be hard on a carpet.

Even though I say "Dry off before you come in" only slightly less frequently than "Close the door" and "Get out of the fridge," there's never a lack of wet towels (and wet children) in my family room.

And then there's the food.  No matter what my kids eat, some of it invariably winds up on the floor.  The family-room carpet has seen its share of every single snack ever eaten in that room.

This afternoon, when Ten started rummaging through the kitchen at 5:15 PM looking for a snack, I told him he could take a piece of fruit.  Back to the family room he went, and I heard him mutter, "Bananas are slippery."

I didn't want to look, and I didn't want to know.  There are times when ignorance is bliss--and that was definitely one of them.

My husband wants a new carpet for the family room.  I don't think carpet is the answer.  I want a floor that can be mopped.  I'm tempted to ask for tile--with a drain in the middle, so I can just come through and hose the place down.

Until I redecorate my family room so that it resembles a locker-room shower, though, I'm going to have to rely on my vacuum to take care of the mess.  I'm thinking I might want to add in something that will do a little deeper cleaning.  Good thing there's a sale on right now at Sharkclean.com!  You can save 15% on orders of $75 or more with coupon code REGISTER4.


For the record, this photo came from Sharkclean.  I have never been, and I never expect to be, this thin.  Or this tall.