Things That Make Me Go "Huh?"

12. June 2012 10:12

Add this to the list of "Things I'm Probably Too Old to Understand":  the book trailer.

I love books.  I'd read all day if things like eating, sleeping, bathing, doing laundry, working and driving my kids all over the place weren't required.  As it is, I read as much as I possibly can.  I follow a few of my favorite authors on Twitter and am on mailing lists for a few others.  This allows me to know when an author I like has a new book coming out; I love being able to preorder (and anticipate) a new book.

In my email just now, I received an announcement for a new book that contained a book trailer:  a short video designed to whet the readers' appetites, just like movie trailers do for upcoming video releases.

The thing is, I'm not so fond of watching movies--in particular, movies based on books.  The movie always pales in comparison, and believe me, I'm comparing.

I understand the need for movie trailers in publicizing new movies.  The movie trailer, after all, is in the same format.  This makes sense to me.

If I want to learn about a new book, I'll do this by asking friends who also enjoy reading, looking for online book reviews, or reading the book jacket at the bookstore.  I've got the feeling that book trailers appeal to a younger crowd--and just saying those words makes me feel even older.

No matter how old I get, though, I'll always love to read.  Mom always said, "Make sure you have enough light to read that book."  You can save 5% on your purchase at 1 Stop Lighting with coupon code WELCOME.