Does It Pay to Plan Ahead?

4. June 2012 01:51


About five minutes before the time I usually banish Ten to bed for the night, I heard odd noises coming from the kitchen.  I asked what was going on in there.  Ten replied, "Practicing my April Fool trick!" (Of course.)

Unfortunately for him, the "trick" he's practicing is the same one that his older brother and sister have tried at least once each.  I guess that's an occupational hazard of having two much-older siblings.  And I guess the occupational hazard for the parents in such a family is pretending that this "trick" is new and unique. Every time.

Now that he said that he was working on an April Fool's Day trick, the noises all made sense.  He was trying to set up the sprayer at the kitchen sink so that it would stay in the "on" position, squirting the next unfortunate soul who tried to run the water.

This "trick" requires careful aim of the sprayer in order to drench the victim, something my Big Kids never quite perfected.  However, the bookcase in the opposite corner of the kitchen, where I keep all my cookbooks, has gotten soaked more than once when someone attempted this prank.

Here's a time when it does pay to plan ahead:  buying your desktop planner for the next school year.  Get FREE SHIPPING on your $50 order at Day-Timer!  Maybe I should get Ten a calendar, so he'll know just how long he has to wait until next April Fool's Day.  On the other hand...