Photo Finish

29. May 2012 08:11

Add this to the list of Things I Never Want to Do Again:  shop for nail polish for my daughter via text message.

She stayed home from school today because she was sick, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis.  Two hours after I dropped off the prescription, it wasn't quite ready when I arrived to pick it up, so I texted her to see if she needed anything else at CVS.

I thought she might need some cough drops or decongestant.  Silly me.  I got back, "Teal nail polish and a square brush."

She sent me a picture of someone holding a bottle of nail polish.  I couldn't read the label on the bottle.  "Who makes that polish and what shade?" I replied.

"Essie and I don't know what it's called."

"I found it," I told her.  "Says turquoise on top.  Is that the right color?"

"Nope, I'll just look for it later."

"752 on side of cap," I went on.  "Is that the right number?"

"I don't have that bottle of nail polish," she answered.

"It's kind of like the color of the Arizona tea can," I replied, and sent her a picture of the bottle of polish with the can of tea.

"Yes exactly," she answered, adding a few happy emoticons for good measure.

Meanwhile, the gallon of milk I'd picked up was sweating in the cart (I'm a slow texter) and the prescription still wasn't ready.

Next time, I'm making my daughter do her own shopping--online.  We've got plenty of coupon codes for online deals at CVS!