Zero Tolerance

15. May 2012 04:08


Having spent most of the past four weeks observing the goings-on of my household from the living-room couch, I haven't focused very much on neatness and organization.  Instead, I've had to settle for "reasonably sanitary" and "nowhere near my mom's standards."  But we're getting by, I'm slowly healing, and soon I'll be back to my old self.  While my house probably will never live up to my mom's standards, I look forward to the day when it will live up to mine.


Right now, though, I'm battling four people (OK, five people--I'm nearly as guilty as the rest of them) who put things down "for now" and never think about them again.


That's how there came to be a gun in my living room on the day Ten and his science-fair partner were putting their project together.


It's not a real gun; it's a BB gun that belongs to Twenty.  He usually keeps it safely in his room, since he can't have BB guns in his college dorm.  But it was recently used as a prop in the high school play, and when Sixteen brought it back home, she set it down on a shelf in the living room instead of returning it to the place where it belongs (insert exasperated motherly sigh here).


I didn't even notice it sitting there.  After all, it wasn't going to spoil and smell bad; no one was going to trip over it; it didn't need to go into the dishwasher.  That's pretty much all I'm focusing on these days.


Unfortunately, the mom who delivered Ten's science-fair partner was more than a little spooked by the sight of that gun on the shelf.


"Please tell me that's not a real gun," she whispered, pointing anxiously to where the BB gun sat, surrounded by baby pictures of the kids' cousins.


This is the same mom who will not allow her fourth-grader into my backyard because we have an above-ground pool with a locked gate, or into my front yard because, well, there's a street in front of it.  It looks like she's only going to let her child play here on rainy days when there's no possible way the boys will want to go outside.

Once again, I'm declaring my living room a Toy-Free Zone.  If you're doing the same, you'll find lovely home accents at Through the Country Door.  Reclaim the living room--or any room--and redecorate, all while saving 10%!