7. May 2012 03:30


When Ten woke up the other day, I told him to shower and get ready for a party for one of his many cousins.

That's when the argument started.

It was a special occasion, and this party was not going to be held in someone's backyard.  I was hoping he'd dress according to the venue, so I nixed the idea of his wearing his favorite T-shirt that advertises the local pro soccer team.

It's not like I was asking the kid to wear a jacket and tie.  I'd have settled for a golf shirt and a nice pair of plaid Bermuda shorts.  Provided, of course, that he'd scrubbed all the grass stains and mud off his knobby knees.

"The party's not in their yard," I told him.  "It's at the Holiday Inn."

"At a hotel?" he asked.

"Yes, so you should try to look nice, OK?"

"A hotel!  That's great!  Do you think there'll be a gift shop?"

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