Don't Buy This at the Airport

10. April 2012 11:09

I'm not a big fan of buying things at airports.  They know you're a captive audience, so everything is way overpriced.  But people must be buying things at airports, because more and more of them look like shopping malls with TSA agents at each entrance.

That could be a good thing for shopping malls, actually.  Keep out the teenagers who roam the place in packs and never seem to buy anything.  But I digress...

Last night, my daughter was at an airport because she's going on vacation this week with her friend's family (it's good to have friends!)  Once you get through the whole "take off your shoes and go through inspection" thing, there's an awful lot of time to kill before you actually get to get on the plane and go someplace.  So she and her friend did a little sightseeing--and shopping.

I got a text message with a picture of some seriously high-heeled platform shoes in a leopard pattern that looked like they'd make my daughter, still recovering from a sports injury to her ankle, fall right over and break several bones.

"No," I replied.  "You just got out of the boot."

I got back, "Hahahahahaha"

"You didn't buy those, did you?" I texted back as quickly as my forty-mumble-year-old fingers could manage.


Later, she eased my mind and told me that no, she had not spent her vacation money on those crazy shoes.  This morning I told my sister about all this.

Her comment?  "You definitely don't buy shoes at the airport."

My sister is right.  You don't buy shoes at the airport.  Especially not when there are so many great online shoe deals to be had.  Shoes and Style is having a big sale, and you can get 15% off PLUS free shipping through August 1, 2012 when you use coupon code MENOTSNS.