What Not to Wear

7. April 2012 08:38


My daughter and I took a quick trip to my most un-favorite place, The Mall, in search of some yoga pants and pajama pants for me.  I'm going to need them as I recover from surgery scheduled in a week or so.

My daughter is 16.  I am not 16, and have not been 16 for quite some time now.  Let's just say we gravitate toward very different clothes.  And the pajama pants at The Mall were much more in tune with her taste than with mine.  The same was true with some of the yoga pants.  No longer just basic black from waist to hem, they now come with waistbands that are tie-died, lace-trimmed, and even Bedazzled.  I'm not generally a Bedazzled kind of girl; never was.

That said, I won't be wearing these pajamas for too long.  After the first few weeks, I should be able to fit in my "regular" clothes once again, instead of needing things that are a couple of sizes larger than usual.  So I gave in to her encouragement to buy some pajama pants that were certainly comfortable, but definitely outside my comfort zone.  One pair looks like it was run over by a paint truck.

I'm pretty sure that I'll be scaring the nurses and any visitors I might have when I wear these, but I'm going to take comfort in the fact that they were on super-clearance, so I didn't have to pay too much to look that frightening.

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