Duck Season

6. April 2012 02:19

Every spring, we have a bunch of welcome visitors when the Duck Family comes to town.  We hear them before we see them.  Daddy Duck has a quite loud voice and he prefers to get an early start in the morning, so the quacking alarm clock wakes me bright and early (or, rather, dark and early) every morning.  After a week or two of that, the ducks wander around to our front yard in search of a handout.

They have figured out, over the past six or seven years, that we're good for plenty of birdseed and bread.  Once they start showing up, they'll be here several times a day.  I start buying an extra loaf of sandwich bread every time I go to the store, to satisfy their appetites.

Daddy Duck always lets Mama Duck eat first.  He stands back, alert and watchful.  She'll waddle almost close enough for me to touch her.  In fact, if I don't get to the front door quickly enough after hearing them, they'll come almost up to the door.

My kids--and my neighbors' kids--are endlessly fascinated by the ducks and eager to see them come back every year.  We don't know where they hide their nest, but one year we were lucky enough to see nearly a dozen little ducklings making their way through the backyard.

Duck Season has begun, so I'm making sure there's plenty of birdseed and bread around.

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