Ultimate Coupons Infographic: What Your Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship

8. February 2012 12:50

Are you still trying to decide what you are going to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? If you are still looking for the perfect gift idea, you might want to check out Ultimate Coupon's latest infographic, What Your Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship.

Before you think the perfect gift for your honey are store bought flowers, think again. Wondering if that home cooked meal will really wow your snookums? It could cook up more than just a meal!

The infographic evaluates many of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts including jewelry, a weekend getaway, handmade gifts, bath and spa gifts, and many more. With a little advice, you will know for sure if the gift you give or receive shows whether your relationship is sizzling or fizzling.

For example, handmade gifts rank higher according to the UC Blog Team than jewelry and chocolates - two regular Valentine gift stand-bys. Why? To put it simply, handmade gifts take thought, time, and creativity to make them. When someone puts that much effort into a gift for someone, they go the extra mile. So if you think that making a mixed tape or writing a poem isn't going to make him or her swoon, you might be surprised.

No matter what you decide on, put some thought into it and think about the recipient. Valentine's Day may be just a single day, but you can feel the love every day of the year.

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