17. January 2012 02:01

There comes a time when the car will break down or not work for a growing family anymore. When this occurs, it can be a serious financial burden as families consider their options and realize they may have fewer than they thought. With the current state of the economy, many people are finding themselves with a less-than-prime credit rating, between 550 and 675, making it difficult for them to secure a car loan when they need one.

Enter, a new direct lending website, that helps consumers with less than perfect credit obtain a car loan without having to go through the process at a bank or car dealership. With the privacy of being at home, customers can easily fill out the application online and usually can have an answer within the same day. There is no fee to apply or obligation to accept the loan offer making it a great way to pursue a loan without worry.

What sets apart from other online car loan websites is the fact that they are a direct lending company with direct loan agents, not brokers, who can assist customers with their car loan amounts and dealership referrals. Many other websites are really loan brokers who sell customer information to other lenders.

Already have a car loan, but not so impressed with the terms? At, you can also apply to refinance your current loan to see if you can find a better deal.

Resource: Launches to Empower Credit-Challenged Car Shoppers



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