Calling All Coffee Aficinados!

9. January 2012 12:36

There are those who have a cup or two of coffee every morning as part of a morning ritual. Then there are those that really love coffee. They love coffee so much they want to explore different flavors, drink it at various coffee houses, make it at home with their own state-of-the-art coffee machine, and enjoy it all day long. The coffee aficiando knows the difference between Brand X and Brand Y coffees. They don't doctor it up with a ton of extras, but savor it for the flavor it is.

If any of these descriptions fits you, then you have officially been called for a special coffee tasting taking place at your local Starbucks! From January 12th through January 14th, head into your local Starbucks in the United States and taste test various roasts so you can vote for your favorite. You will be able to choose between the Blond Roast, Medium Roast, or Dark Roast. Starbucks locations in Canada will also be holding the event on February 9th through February 11th.

Starbucks is offering all participants a little gift for being part of the taste test.

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