Free Sample Roundup

1. September 2011 14:59

Do you love to open your mailbox and find treats or freebies waiting for you? If you are a lover of all things free, cheap, or otherwise given to you, then signing up for free samples online is a must. If you sign up for free samples every day, you will be amazed at the fun stuff you will receive on a regular basis.

Free samples are a great way to test out new products before you buy full size versions. Also, they make great travel accessories - stick small sample bottles of shampoo or lotion in your bag and you will save a lot of room.

Here are some free samples that you need to snag before they are no longer available.

Grab a free sample of Eucerin lotion when you pledge to take good care of your skin. This is simply a win-win - you will be taking care of yourself plus you get a cool freebie! Fill out the contact form and it will be sent to you door.

Tired of your body mist and deodorant competing in scents? With Dove Fresh, you can get matching scented deodorant and body mist and you will feel fresh all day long with a sweet smell! Fill out the contact form and a sample will be sent to you in four weeks.

Doggies need nutritious meals, too! Snag a free sample of Just6 dog food by Rachel Ray and you won't get any corn, wheat, or soy in the dog food. You will get lamb meal and other ingredients that dogs will love!