Broke Girls Guide: Los Angeles

7. June 2011 13:21

I remember when I was in college, money was very tight for me and several of my housemates. However, we had a solution if we wanted to go out that night. We just simply went and donated blood plasma. Oh, the stuff we will do when we are young for a little night life.

If you are a lady living in Los Angeles, here is something just for you! Broke Girl's Guide is a brand new website featuring tons of frugal hotspots, deals, guide to living large on a small budget, and much more.

The website was developed by two women, Erin Bunch and Michelle Vick, who were always seeking the best deals for their friends in Los Angeles. They found there was so much out there, it was time to create a resource for all ladies. Thus, the birth of Broke Girl's Guide!

There are different sections on the site including BeOut which has information about various places to check out around town and BeCrafty that shows you how to whip up the perfect picnic or cocktail. Search by topic or search by neighborhood to find loads of ideas to live the good life without having to scrimp for martini money. (Or draw blood - geesh.)

Don't live in Los Angeles? Broke Girl's Guide is moving soon into other locations like Miami, New York, Dallas, and more.


Live Large and Spend Small: Broke Girl's Guide Launches