Outdoor Toys for the Kids

3. May 2011 02:06

By now many parents are at their breaking point with the weather. If you live in an area that has consistently seen rain, I feel for you. My kids want to play in our backyard so much, but with the massive amount of rain we have had, even on a rare sunny day the ground is still a swampy mess. I tried sticking rain boots on them and sending them out one of these said nice days, but I ended up having kids covered in head to toe mud. Scrubbing two kids and a bath tub was not in my plans that day.

The good news is that summer is coming. There will be plenty of days for the kids to get outside and get the stink blown off of them. Once they are out there, however, my kids are often looking around asking, "What should we do now?"

There are plenty of outdoor toys to keep kids busy while they soak up a little sun. Hearthsong has a great selection of outdoor toys that are perfect for kids of any age. Here are a few ideas to get us all in the warm weather mood!

Mini Critter Kites - These adorable animals will up the sky with bright colors and swirling tails. Set includes three kites featuring a gecko, lizard, and a crocodile. Great activity for children ages three years and up.

Giant Inflatable Football - Kids eight years and up (and adults, too!) will get lots of exercise when playing with this huge football! The inside is open so kids can climb in for some rolly-polly fun or simply jump on top to be taken for a ride!

Backyard Safari Set - Little adventurers can discover a whole new world in their very own backyard! This set includes an open tent with camo netting, mini lantern, compass, and guide. 

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