Springing Back

21. March 2011 06:49

Last fall, my husband and I dug up the front flower bed and the back flower bed. We pulled out everything that we could and replanted a few modest bushes here and there. In the backyard flower bed, I must have dug out hundreds of bulbs of every type of flower and plant imaginable. While I like most of the flowers that were planted, it was a little too busy for my liking.

I was surprised this morning to look out my back window and see a whole bunch of plants shooting up from the mulch that we had laid down. It doesn't look like we touched it at all. In the front flower bed, the phlox that we pulled out is making a comeback in places around. It will be only a matter of time before it is covering the area that we worked so hard to clean out.

Several days ago there was nothing in either area, but I have been out of commission for several days. I have been sick in bed with the flu all weekend, so the only thing that I have been doing is cough, sleeping, and running a fever. Yuck. Finally, today I was able to get up, look around, and be amazed at how much life has kept going while I hit the pause button.

The flowers are springing back and so am I. Now the question is - will another frost knock us both out of commission again?

I really hope Spring is here to stay.

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