Don't Look Under the Cushions!

14. September 2010 03:08

One day I noticed that one of my daughters had dropped a Cheerio between the couch cushions. I don't know how many times I have told them to sit at their little kids' table to eat snacks, but they continue to park themselves on the couch during snack time. Since I saw where it dropped, I quickly fished it out only to discover in my hand a peanut. What the? So, I went back in there again and out comes a Goldfish Cracker. It was at this moment that I realized this was going to result in an hour long vacuuming session that would require attachments, lifting, and moving things out of the way. I was in too deep. As much as I wanted to say, "Got it!" I knew at that point there had to have been a whole collection of toddler paraphernalia living inside the couch. 

As I lifted up the cushion, my hunch was correct. There underneath the cushions told a story of exactly what they have been eating. There were crumbs and bits of food scattered here and there. I found small plastic toys and playing cards. The girls were very excited to find these little treasures again. I was disgusted this germy universe existed underneath us. 

After a good vacuum of the couch inside and out including the surrounding area, all is back to normal. For now. I need to watch where the short stacks are sitting during snack time and keep that area clean regulary. If I don't snack munching lurkers will probably make their way to a cushiony seat.

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