Getting a Job After College

7. March 2012 14:26
With the job market more competitive than ever, it can be difficult to find the right employment opportunity. If you are a college student who is getting ready to graduate or have a couple years to go, you may be wondering what your options will be when you finish school. Typically students have about six months after they graduate before they have to start paying back student loans, so finding a job is a huge priority for most. According to a recent survey by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, only 16% of business leaders feel that college graduates are really ready for the workforce. This perception can stall employers from taking a chance on newbies looking for a job. While higher learning institutions educate students in the classroom in a variety of subject matter, over half of those surveyed feel that college students are really not prepared for working in their field of study. Benedictine University, outside of Chicago, offers their students not only the... [More]

Leap Day Deals

29. February 2012 01:46
Happy Leap Day, Tjoos readers! If you are in the market for something good, then you have picked the right day for a great deal from some of your favorite stores and restaurants. These deals definitely don't come around very often (try like FOUR YEARS), so you should definitely check them out! LeapFrog is offering 15% off orders of $60 or more today only when you apply coupon code: LEAP15 at checkout. Offer excludes LeapPad hardware, bundles, apps, and sale items. Head into your local Einstein Bros Bagels and purchase one sandwich and get one FREE! Go to their Facebook page and find the status about the special offer. Click on "Get Offer" and the coupon will be sent to your email address automatically. Do you have your eye on a pair of shoes at Zappos, but aren't sure? Today only, when you place an order at Zappos, you are guaranteed a FOUR YEAR return policy! Seriously. Just make sure they are in the condition you received them with all original packaging. (In other words, don't we... [More]

And the Oscars Go To...

23. February 2012 07:52
It seems like there are hundreds of award shows in the entertainment business throughout the year. I am all about congratulating those that have excelled in their profession, but seriously. Do we have to pat everyone on the back every other week? Is this pee wee football? The award show that I look forward to is the granddaddy of them all - the Academy Awards. The Oscars is the most prestigious honor given and certainly comes with a whole host of entertainment all on its own. From the red carpet fashion to the fun hosts to the speechless yet full-of-words award recipients, there is more than enough drama to fill one night. To celebrate the memorable night, Tjoos is offering a special giveaway! One lucky reader will win an Oscar Bundle during the Tjoos Oscar Giveaway! The Oscar Bundle includes DVDs of the past ten year's Best Picture Winners plus a year supply of popcorn! Relive the special moments of the past decade with Oscar's picks! To enter, head over to our Facebook page and "li... [More]

No Toys, Please!

21. February 2012 07:24
This past weekend, family and friends met at a local playland to celebrate my twin girls' fifth birthday. It was the perfect day as we were able to have their birthday party on their actual birthday. We have never been able to do this before, so it made the whole event even more special. Weeks leading up to the party, I would receive random phone calls from guests inquiring as to what to get the girls for their birthday. Every time, I would let out a heavy sigh. It is not because I wasn't grateful for the generosity. I was leery about having even more toys overflowing my home. When celebrating a child's birthday so close to Christmas or another occasion where gifts are exchanged, you may feel as overwhelmed as me. I am still trying to sort out their old stuff and figure out what we can sell in next month's swap meet. My girls will happily accept any toy given to them, but I decided to think outside of the box. Since we won't have another occasion coming up for awhile, ... [More]

Tjoos Contest Time!

11. January 2012 06:35
Are you feeling lucky? Now is a great time to test it out by entering a brand new contest courtesy of Chegg! Chegg is an online leader in textbook rentals, book buy backs, and textbook sales! For those attending higher education, Chegg is a must to save big especially when the cost of school continues to go up. They are now even offering eTextbooks that will have students streaming the information they need right to their laptop. Chegg wants to help make this semester the best for one lucky Tjoos reader by giving away a free iPad2! Now through Monday, January 23rd, enter to win the contest by completing at least one of the five entry options. Entry options are 1) like Tjoos on Facebook, 2) share Tjoos Facebook page with your Facebook friends, 3) follow @tjoos on Twitter, 4) tweet about the contest using the hashtag #Tjoos4Chegg, or 5) subscribe to the Tjoos newsletter. If you do all five entry options, you will be entered five times into the drawing thus making your chances to win e... [More]

National Hobby Month

11. January 2012 04:13
January is National Hobby Month. It is this month that everyone gets to publicly or privately celebrate the activities and passions that fill their free time. Some people have very common hobbies like reading, drawing, fishing, playing an instrument, or working on a project. Others have very uncommon, even disturbing, hobbies like featured in Coed Magazine. (Think body hooks and toe nail clippings..that is all I am going to say.) If you haven't had the chance to spend time doing your favorite hobby in recent weeks or months, now is the month to carve out time in your busy schedule for a little "me" time. Finding something we all love to do is truly a treasure and making sure that we find time to do it is even more so. Haven't found your fave hobby yet? Try out something new every week until you do! You just may find that you not only enjoy painting, for example, but you are really good at it. Even if it takes you awhile to find your niche, you will have spent 2012 off on the right fo... [More]

This Friday the 13th

10. January 2012 05:35
I will admit it, I am a wee bit superstitious. I can handle black cats and even stepping on a crack has proven that it doesn't break a mother's back. (If that were the case, mine would be broken. My kids love to purposefully step on the cracks and giggle.) No, none of these silly things bother me. What bothers me is Friday the 13th. People who feel that the number 13 is lucky baffle me. My lucky number is 7. Seven is clearly a very lucky number. The number 13 is clearly not. That is just how it is. Someone inevitably will remind me that Friday the 13th is coming up and the entire day I feel a little agitated waiting for my luck to be tested. If you are someone who loves Friday the 13th, you are going to love the special giveaway happening at One lucky reader has the opportunity to win a Sony Bravia Theater System, several Friday the 13th movies, and much more! Head over to their site right now through January 16, 2012 to register to win. All registrants can fill out the ... [More]

Calling All Coffee Aficinados!

9. January 2012 12:36
There are those who have a cup or two of coffee every morning as part of a morning ritual. Then there are those that really love coffee. They love coffee so much they want to explore different flavors, drink it at various coffee houses, make it at home with their own state-of-the-art coffee machine, and enjoy it all day long. The coffee aficiando knows the difference between Brand X and Brand Y coffees. They don't doctor it up with a ton of extras, but savor it for the flavor it is. If any of these descriptions fits you, then you have officially been called for a special coffee tasting taking place at your local Starbucks! From January 12th through January 14th, head into your local Starbucks in the United States and taste test various roasts so you can vote for your favorite. You will be able to choose between the Blond Roast, Medium Roast, or Dark Roast. Starbucks locations in Canada will also be holding the event on February 9th through February 11th. Starbucks is offering all par... [More]

Summer Dreaming

6. January 2012 06:54
Right after the New Year, I am officially done with winter. I do not like cold weather, but will tolerate it and even snow during the holidays. Strangely, here in the Midwest we did not have any snow in December and much milder weather than normal. And strangely enough, today it is in the mid-50's and sunny. Though it needs to be at least another twenty five degrees to be even close to summer temps, everyone is in a good mood and enjoying the weather. That is everyone, but me. If I loathe the winter weather, why wouldn't I like a rare mild winter day? Because it won't last and by the time the cold weather sets back in, everyone in my family will be sick again. See, I am dreaming of summer weather where it stays summer for months. Nice, warm weather where we can get outside and the kids can run crazy and the sun can warm us up and take away all of the yucky viruses that are lurking around. Today I may not be enjoying the weather so much, but it does remind me that summer will return.... [More]

Recall Alert: IKEA ANTILOP High Chair

5. January 2012 13:46
A recall was issued today for the ANTILOP High Chair sold at IKEA stores. This high chair, sold between August 2006 and January 2010, has been found to have a faulty seat buckle restraint which can open while in use posing a fall hazard. There has been eight incidents of seat buckle failure with several resulting in minor injuries. The ANTILOP High Chair is a plastic molded high chair with detachable metallic legs available in either white, blue, or red. This high chair was produced during the time period of July 2006 and November 2009. The supplier number involved with this recall is #17389. There are approximately 133,000 high chairs affected by this recall that were sold in the United States and another 36,000 sold in Canada. It is important to note that concerned consumers should check their high chair for specific information to identify if their high chair is part of this recall. In order to do so, consumers should identify that the product date is within the time period specif... [More]