1. October 2009 12:08
We've setup this blog to provide you with all the latest information from Tjoos. We also plan on putting up money saving articles to help you get the most value out of the Tjoos website. Another aspect of the Tjoos blog is to allow you to put up your own articles onto the blog. We'd love to hear about your stories, especially if you have some tips, coupons, information and anything else you think will be useful! Click Add Entry in the Top Right Corner to get Started Once you click you can create a blog entry. Once you've completed your post we will review it and post it on our blog in a day or two. Happy posting and stay tuned! P.S. Please don't post simply to promote your site. These post get deleted. Instead, if you're a merchant, write a great article on something our users would like to read.  

Ways to Save on Halloween

1. October 2009 09:38
Just because the current state of the economy is scarier than a slasher movie doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Halloween and the beautiful fall weather. Store owners understand that your budget doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.  As a result, you can find some great deals and discounts if you shop around. Costumes: any great Halloween starts out with a fantastic costume. Here’s how to put together your best costume yet…on a budget Clean out those closets: for packrats and people who just haven’t gotten around to clearing out their closets since, oh 1967, this can be a goldmine. You can put together a Goth look, a “this is how I dressed in high school” look, a celebrity look or maybe even 1940s look depending on whose closet you raid and how outrageous their fashion sensibilities are/were. Shop costume sales and discount stores: you can find a lot of great costumes and accessories at your local thrift shop or dolla... [More]

Tjoos brings “no-nonsense” online voucher site to the UK

27. August 2009 13:00
Today Tjoos, one of the largest US voucher sites, launches its UK site, tjoos.co.uk. Tjoos aggregates discount voucher codes for online stores that give consumers instant discounts on their purchases.An online discount voucher, also known as a promo or coupon code, usually consists of a series of letters and numbers that can be entered during the checkout process. These codes provide an instant reduction in the purchase price, free shipping or a free gift. Shoppers can get significant savings such as 10% off at Marks & Spencer, £10 off at Pizza Hut or 10% off Dell workstations.Online retailers give out voucher codes to reward existing customers or to attract new business, yet shoppers often don’t have a voucher code for their purchases. Tjoos aggregates voucher codes from thousands of stores onto a single site providing free access for everyone to these sometimes exclusive and hard to find offers.Co-founder of Tjoos, Bart Jellema explains: “Sites that ... [More]

Tjoos.com declares Victory

9. February 2009 14:37
Today tjoos.com lists over 180,000 coupons with more than 20,000 verified to work. Bart Jellema, CEO of Tjoos describes this as a "historic victory for the online shopping community. The times of endless searching and trying broken codes is finally behind us as we ring in a new era of consumer power."Tjoos embarked on their quest to rid the internet of deceitful websites that are trying to make a quick buck in October 2007. Dissapointed with the quality of online shopping portals Bart decided to "No longer stand by idle and watch innocent shoppers suffer the agony of badly designed websites luring consumers in with fake deals."Currently the site aggregates coupon codes for over 20,000 stores. The site differentiates itself from other coupon sites by employing a team of coupon experts that regularly verify the coupon codes. Furthermore the site doesn't list any advertisements.Tjoos currently helps over 600,000 shoppers each month and plans to win over the "hearts and minds" of many more... [More]

Tjoos Cuts The Crap out of Couponing

28. January 2009 14:31
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 28 -- Many online merchants issue coupon codes, which give you instant discounts when shopping at their online store. Coupon sites aggregate codes from hundreds or thousands of stores. Around the internet there are thousands of such sites, but most fail in at least one of two areas: Quantity (limited number of stores) or Quality (many coupons don't work). Fast-growing coupon site Tjoos.com has tackled both under the motto: More Coupons, Less Crap.    Quantity - More Coupons  Coupons for about a thousand stores are easy to get and maintain as they are available in feeds from merchant networks. Most sites will only list these coupons, however this is only a small part of all coupons out there.    The Tjoos team sources their coupons not only directly from merchants, but also sifts through almost 10.000 newsletters monthly to find coupons that merchants send directly to their customers. The team also scans many forums for additional coupons and... [More]

Tjoos Helps Merchants Drive Sales Using Coupon Codes

27. January 2009 13:20
Today Tjoos.com, one of the largest online coupon sites, launches its Merchant Portal, allowing online stores to add their store information and coupons.Coupon codes are similar to traditional grocery coupons but for online stores and give customers instant discounts on their purchases. They have proven to be an effective online marketing tool to achieve specific business objectives.For example, merchants aiming to find new customers issue coupons that are only valid for first time buyers. To increase their average order size, stores can issue coupons that apply only to orders over a certain amount. This encourages customers to “up-size” their order to qualify for the discount. Adding an expiry date to coupons creates a sense of urgency and helps reel in those consumers that are sitting on the fence. By tailoring their coupons to meet their business objectives, merchants are able to create targeted marketing promotions through the use of coupon codes.After they ... [More]

Recession shopping: Coupon use up while order sizes fall

28. October 2008 12:00
Numbers released today by online coupon aggregator tjoos.com indicate that online spending patterns are rapidly changing and order sizes are down by 30% in the face of the current economic turmoil.    Over the last two months the average order sizes shrunk 30% from $103 in August to $72 in October. The largest drop in order sizes came from the over $250 bracket, which nearly halved from 10.3% to 5.3% of all orders, a strong indicator that consumers are putting off spending on big ticket items as the uncertainty about the economy continues.    Historically the use of price comparison and coupon sites tends to go up when the economy weakens. In 2001 tracking from ICOM Information & Communications, a Toronto-based marketing communications company, showed a significant increase in the number of coupons consumers redeemed each week. According to a recent poll conducted by ICOM 71% of consumers aged 18-34 are “much more” or “somewhat more” like... [More]

Tjoos Launches Online Style Recommendation Service

6. May 2008 14:24
Online shopping portal Tjoos.com today launches it's personal style recommendation service (http://www.tjoos.com/Compare-Products/) for clothing and accessories. Traditional shopping sites present clothing in the same way they present digital cameras, allowing shoppers only to shop based on price and features. The deciding factor however for most people is whether they like the look of it and if it matches their style.    Mountain View, CA May 10, 2008 -- Many of the mainstream shopping sites have taken a one-size-fits-all approach, comparing books, digital cameras and shoes in exactly the same way. Where this approach has been very successful for electronics and computers, it doesn't do a good job at helping consumers find a nice pair of shoes or a good book. For books, music and movies there are several sites out there such as gnod.net, liveplasma.com and thefilter.com that give recommendations based on your input.    For clothing and accessories the closest servi... [More]

Tjoos creates thousands of RSS feeds for online discount codes

13. February 2008 14:18
Tjoos.com currently lists over 20.000 coupon codes and has made these available as RSS Feeds. Feeds are available for individual stores and for groups of stores tagged with specific keywords, such as 'electronics', 'women's shoes' and 'kitchen'.The coupons are collected from a wide range of sources. People at Tjoos plough through a large amount of newsletters and check thousands of datafeeds every day. Coupons can also be submitted by users of the site.The new feeds make it easy to add the latest coupons for a specific tag or store to your favorite feedreader or homepage service. Some of the feedreaders and homepage services supported are Bloglines, newsgator, Google Reader, My Yahoo, iGoogle and netvibes.Subscribing to the feed is possible in two ways. In the top right corner of any page, such as the page for the tag 'electronics' (http://www.tjoos.com/Tag/1387/electronics-Online-Stores/) you will find the orange RSS icon. Clicking this icon will open the actual RSS Feed in your brows... [More]

Tjoos' Coupon Widget Makes Bloggers Money

10. February 2008 13:22
Today Tjoos launched their Coupon Widget allowing bloggers and site owners to display coupons for online stores. Every time a visitors clicks on a coupon and makes a purchase, the blogger will receive a commission from this sale.Tjoos sources their coupons directly from the online stores as well as from their coupon-sharing community on their website. Commission tracking is handled through Commission Junction, one of the largest affiliate marketing networks. To receive their commissions, bloggers setup an account directly with Commission Junction. Clicks through the widget register directly in Commission Junction, who also handles the commission tracking and payouts.The widget can be customized by following this link and One-click installations for Blogspot and TypePad are provided. For other installations the widget HTML is available.Bart Jellema CIO of Tjoos says: “We have created a win-win scenario for all involved. The site owners earn some extra income. Their vi... [More]