How to Have a Homecoming Dream Date on a Budget

9. October 2014 00:00
The real star of Homecoming may be the football game, but the most fun for us girls comes afterwards. You want to grab the spotlight at the Homecoming dance in a fabulous dress and accessories. And, of course, you insist upon star treatment when it comes to dinner out and transportation. Is it possible to enjoy all of these luxuries while sticking to a less-than-celebrity budget? Of course! Just follow these tips to shop smart for a fantastic and affordable Homecoming evening. [More]

The Must-Have Sweaters for Fall 2014

8. October 2014 00:00
Fall is in full swing, and most of our wardrobes could use a little sprucing up.

The season is popular for gorgeous boots and light jackets, but sweaters really make the season one of the beloved times of the year. You might think that all sweaters are the same, but they are not! Believe it or not, sweaters, just like shoes, can make or break an outfit.

Here are five sweaters that you should have in your closet right now to ensure that you turn heads before the season comes to an end. [More]

DIY Pumpkin Beauty Treats

7. October 2014 00:00
There is nothing like the scent of pumpkin to begin the fall season. While we all enjoy our pumpkin lattes and pumpkin pies, there are many other ways to incorporate this seasonal ingredient into your daily routine. For a fun fall treat, try adding pumpkin to your beauty arsenal. Beyond smelling and tasting great, it's packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help protect and heal skin. [More]

Fun Ideas for Do Something Nice Day

6. October 2014 00:00
Happy Do Something Nice Day! On this day, we celebrate simple acts of kindness by doing something nice and spreading positivity with everyone you come in contact with today. What’s great about this day is that it allows you to be giving and caring without needing anything in return.

If you are stumped on how you can do something nice for your co-workers, family, friends and even a perfect stranger on this very positive day, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for simple and easy ways that will bring a smile to the faces of the people you love. [More]

Get Organized Week: Closets and Jewelry

3. October 2014 00:00
Whether getting dressed in the morning for work or school, or getting dolled up for an evening out, finding the right clothing and accessories can be a real chore. If your closet is stuffed to bursting, it can be impossible to see all of your options. And how can you find the perfect accessories for each outfit if they’re just lying in a tangled mess on your dresser?

The solution for these panicked situations is simple. All it takes is a little organization. Don’t even know where to start? No worries. For Get Organized Week, which starts tomorrow, we’re here to help. Read on for the best tips on how to get organized, so that in the future, looking polished to perfection will be a breeze. [More]

Homecoming Dresses on a Budget

2. October 2014 00:00
With four years of formal dances, the cost of attending every Homecoming can really add up! There are hair and makeup appointments, dinners, corsages, and of course, the accessories. One of the biggest expenses is usually the dress. Instead of buying an expensive gown that can only be worn once, we can show you how to find the best deals for this big occasion. [More]

How ‘bout Them Apples

1. October 2014 00:00
Autumn is a fleetingly sweet season. The summer heat suddenly turns into crisp sweatshirt weather, and stays that way for a short while before giving way to the frigid cold of the winter months. That just means you have to get all your fall activities packed into a couple short months. Don’t hesitate to get out to your local apple orchard and go apple picking! Stock up on plenty of apples, because I’ve got tons of ways for you to use them. [More]

Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grinds

30. September 2014 00:00
We all love coffee, so why not get even more out of our morning routine? Surprisingly, coffee grinds have many more benefits once they're done with their initial job. Instead of throwing your next batch in the trash, keep them to the side for the many ways you can take advantage of their properties. [More]

Summer Outfits For the Fall

29. September 2014 00:00
The weather is getting cooler, and all that is left of the summer are the fun memories and photos of you in your stylish summer outfits. Before you decide to pack those outfits away, stop! They might be perfect for fall.

For many of us, shopping for a new fall wardrobe is fun, but it can also get expensive. If you are trying to conserve money and cut down on spending, it becomes more and more important to make do with what you already have.

Most of your summer pieces can be worn well into the fall season. All you will need is a couple of additions to leave you feeling fashionable and comfortable. [More]

The Top Nail Colors for Fall (All Under $10!)

26. September 2014 00:00
Fall is a favorite among us all because of the vibrant colors the season offers thanks to the changing of the leaves and the breathtaking autumn sunsets. While you may need to add another layer of clothing, fall gives many of us nail polish lovers a reason to get dolled up in crisp colors that best represent the season. Spotted on the runways of New York Fashion Week for Fall 2014, the colors that reigned supreme were rich and warm shades.

Here are the nail polish colors you will want to have on hand to stay on top of the hottest nail color trends for fall. [More]