Spruce up Your Home’s Décor with Art.com

by Linsay Thomas 21. April 2014 16:21

Posters, photos and paintings are great objects to add some flair to bare walls. They can also inject personality and style to any room in your home or office building. If you’re looking for a wide selection of prints from popular artists, look no further than Art.com.

Art.com has prints on just about every subject imaginable, such as astronomy, animals, architecture, people, holidays, food, seasons and sports. Categories include abstract art, modern art, scenic art, vintage art, fine art and photography. Choose from a variety of artists, including Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Norman Rockwell and Ansel Adams.

Art.com always has some sort of deal going on. Save 20, 30, even 40% on already-low prices. Plus, the site often has huge clearance sales and free shipping offers. So spend some time browsing the site today.


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Get all of your tactical gear from Optics Planet

by nikki 15. April 2014 14:25

When I’m not writing, I’m actively involved with my local sheriff’s office as well as the county’s rescue squad.

During my involvement with both organizations, I have purchased some of my own equipment over time.  I recently qualified for my CWP.  With that said, I’ve since needed somewhere to securely store my weapon.

Optics Planet has become one of my favorite online merchants.  They have a wide variety of holsters.

Along with its selection of holsters, this merchant literally has everything you need when it comes to gear designed for police, military, hunters, etc.

Another thing I love about Optics Planet is that it has some pretty powerful flashlights.  For me, those devises come in pretty handy when out on searches in the middle of the night.

This merchant is always running great offers.

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Flashlight on sale for $19.99!

Going “gluten free” has never been easier

by nikki 14. April 2014 15:53

Everywhere you look these days, gluten-free products are popping up all over supermarkets nationwide.

For some people battling, celiac disease this type of “eating lifestyle” is a must.  But they aren’t the only one who are advised to adapt to gluten-free foods.

Medical experts also recommend that people battling thyroid disease adapt to the same eating habits.  I am one of those people battling a weird disease called Hashimoto’s.  Yeah, I know it sounds like something off of a Japanese menu, right?  I wish it was that harmless.

Basically, this disease causes your healthy cells to attack your own thyroid to the point that it no longer functions.  In the meantime, as the progression increases—your metabolism slows, losing weight becomes difficult, your chances for heart disease, high cholesterol, thyroid cancer increases---and the list goes on.

Basically, it’s not something you want.  It’s been said that gluten intensifies the progression of the disease.  Hence, is why experts suggest those with a thyroid disease say “no” to foods with gluten.

I’ve recently given up gluten-free foods—and thought it would be difficult to do so.  But I’m amazed at how many online stores there are that sell gluten-free foods.

One of the online merchants I’ve bookmarked on my web browser is Gluten Free Mall.  They have such a great selection of gluten-free foods.  I personally recommend checking them out—especially if going gluten-free is not a choice.  It’s a lifestyle.

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Indulge in these Easter goodies from Sharis Berries

by nikki 10. April 2014 06:32

I have a confession to make.

Sweets are my weakness.  I just can't say no to anything mixed with sugar and chocolate.  Let's just put it this way.  If sweets were a crime, I'd be in prison doing life without parole.

One of my favorite merchants is Sharis Berries.  Currently, they have some amazing discounts on all of their Easter goodies.

For a limited time, shoppers can take 20% off Easter chocolate strawberries, cookies and baskets with the promo code "EGG."

Their prices are super reasonable.  You can purchase an Easter basket for as low as $29.99.  They make the perfect surprise for a loved one this upcoming holiday.

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On sale for just $29.99!

Get your loved one the perfect Easter basket

by nikki 9. April 2014 06:55

Easter baskets aren't just for little ones.

They can really serve as a nice surprise for a special someone you haven't seen a while.

As the holiday fast approaches, 1800baskets.com is offering an amazing discount on its Easter baskets.

From now until April 15th, use the promo code 'BUNNY20' to receive 20% off your basket order.

Their baskets are priced as low as $29.99 and are packed with all sorts of goodies your loved one will certainly enjoy.

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On sale for $29.99!

Get your taxes filed with H&R Block

by nikki 8. April 2014 06:34

Time is running out to get those pesky taxes done!

Thankfully, I just finished mine yesterday.  Truthfully, I wasn’t eager to do them because I knew there would be no refund for me.

For the rest of you out there, you’ve got about a week left to crunch those numbers—or better yet have someone else do it for you.

H&R Block is one of the leading companies in helping people file their taxes.

At this time of the year, they are running some great deals to encourage people to take advantage of their services.

The company is currently offering 15% off its basic, deluxe and premium software.

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Choose EFloors.com for Your Flooring Needs

by Linsay Thomas 1. April 2014 16:28

If you’re building a home, undergoing a remodel or just need to replace worn-out flooring, you won’t find deals any better than the ones at EFloors.com. EFloors.com offers a wide variety of floors, including hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, tile and laminate. You can also shop accessories such as trim, molding, underlayment and installation tools.

EFloors.com offers free shipping deals and discount prices. I’ve personally bought hardwood flooring there and saved about 50% over what I would pay elsewhere. Instead of paying the typical price of $4.99/square foot, I paid $2.49/square foot. I was so satisfied that I bought more flooring for the bedrooms.

Want to try a sample before making a purchase? No problem! You can get up to three samples – just pay a $5.99 shipping charge. So unless you want to pay full price, head on over to EFloors and update your home with some new flooring today.


EFloors.com offers great deals on a variety of flooring. Click here to see current offers.

Complete your taxes with ease with TurboTax

by nikki 31. March 2014 15:58

When it comes to deadlines, I’m pretty good at not waiting around until the last minute to get the task at hand done—that is with most things anyway.

Taxes; however, aren’t one of them.  Yep, I’m one of the few people left in the country who has yet to get mine completed.

For me, the reason for my procrastination is pretty simple.  I’m not exactly expecting a refund.  In fact—I know that I will have to probably pay Uncle Sam quite a bit, unfortunately.  In the meantime, I’m trying to hang on to my cash for as long as I can. Smile

But with that said, I’m fully aware that April 15th is quickly creeping up on us.

In the past, I’ve always utilized TurboTax to get “this necessary evil” done.  They really do take the headache out of completing taxes.

If you’re one of the few people who still haven’t filed your yearly income taxes, I suggest you check them out.

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Get Your Household Necessities at Soap.com

by Linsay Thomas 19. March 2014 14:07

Need to stock up household goods, personal care items and medications, but don’t feel like leaving your home? No worries! Soap.com is available 24/7 to take your orders. From toilet paper to laundry detergent to vitamins to razors, Soap.com has it all. They even carry a small selection of grocery items, such as coffee, baking goods and snacks.

Soap.com carries top brands such as Clarisonic, Proctor & Gamble, Dove, Braun and Cottonelle. Choose from more than 30,000 items. Have an issue with your order? Customer service is available 24/7. Need your items quickly? Just spend $49 or more and you’ll get free two-day delivery.


Right now, you can get 20% off select men’s personal care items or 15% off Advil medicine. If you’re a new customer, you can try Soap.com and get 20% off your first order, plus free shipping when you spend at least $25. See what other offers are available by clicking here.

Purchase your next gift for under $20

by nikki 18. March 2014 16:48

If you're like me, every time you turn around you're buying someone a gift.

For me, it's usually birthday gifts, and like most people I'm not made of money (although I would like to be Cool)

You certainly don't want to come off as a "cheapo," yet at the same time you have to watch your budget.  With that in mind, you may want to check out Norm Thompson's great selection of gifts for under $20.

Whether it's apparel, food or electronics--you'll find something here for that next special ocassion.

Best of all, this merchant is always running great promos.  To view a list of their current bargains, make sure you click here.

This yummy biscuit gift set is currently priced for just $9.90.