Birthday Treats for Free

26. August 2014 00:00
It's general knowledge that you can get special perks for your birthday at quite a few places. Most restaurants offer a free dessert and many stores offer coupons. However, did you know that some stores actually give you free birthday gifts? Follow along to learn about the best birthday treats for free! [More]

Back to School with Etsy

25. August 2014 00:00
It’s back-to-school time again. You can’t miss the signs, as every retailer in town has stuffed all its aisles with endless stacks of every possible type of supply. Sure, you can shop these discount stores to stock up on mass-produced goods and fill your child’s backpack with the same stuff as everyone else. But wouldn’t you prefer items with a bit of flair that let your child stand out from the crowd? You can find supplies with a more personal and unique touch, while supporting artists around the world at the same time, by doing some of your back-to-school shopping at [More]

How to Shop Organic On a Tight Budget

22. August 2014 00:00
Eating and buying organic foods versus non-organic can be a hot topic at the dinner table. It’s been confirmed that organic groceries are best because they are healthier and safer to consume, and are free from yucky pesticides. All of this is fantastic. However, for the average home, organic shopping can be expensive. My family lives an organic lifestyle. Like many, I was hesitant to shop organic because of the estimated costs. Simply put, buying organic groceries can be expensive. The secret is in knowing how to shop. The tips below will help you save money and become an organic shopping pro while sticking to a tight budget. [More]

Beauty Products that Keep You Cool

21. August 2014 00:00
At the peak of summer, staying cool becomes a first priority. While air conditioning and frozen treats help, adding a cooling effect to your beauty routine helps more than you think! Plus, it gives a little more luxury to your normal regime. Follow along to find out what products you should keep with you all summer long. [More]

Go Glamping

20. August 2014 00:00
There are so many things to love about camping: sleeping under the stars, swapping stories around a roaring campfire, waking up to a glorious sunrise. Then again, it has its downside too. Bugs and bears and dirt – oh my! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Trade the sleeping bag on the ground for a plush, cozy bed; beer bottles for wineglasses; and the leaky tent for a cozy cabin with outlets for your hairdryer. That’s more like it! Let someone else worry about all the “necessary” gear. We prefer to focus on a few of the little luxuries you’ll want to bring along to turn your trip into a true glamping (glamorous camping) experience. [More]

5 Ways to Cut Your Book Buying Costs in Half

19. August 2014 00:00
During a recent airport visit en route to a family vacation, I noticed how many people were using eBook readers to access their favorite books. But while there were many travelers holding e-readers in their palms, there were still a few who were flipping through pages of books. Don’t get me wrong, eBooks are awesome. They cost less than physical copies, and it’s easier to access any book you want on one device as opposed to carrying your whole library around in your bag.

However, there’s nothing like the tangible copy of a book. It’s the original piece that doesn’t require a battery charge, and you can read it under the sun without the worry of glare. And maybe it’s just me, but I just love the smell of a book. One of the reasons why most of us who love books don’t buy physical copies is because they are just another high expense.

Not to worry! You can save on books by knowing where you can find them and buy them for less. [More]

Be a Cheap Date

18. August 2014 00:00
It can be hard not to reach for your credit card after watching an episode of The Bachelorette. Lavish dinners and exciting adventures are tempting, but you don’t have to go deep into debt to have a romantic evening worthy of being noted in a Nicholas Sparks novel. [More]

Shop Summer Toys for Less

15. August 2014 00:00
It’s almost time to say goodbye to sipping wine on the back porch with your girlfriends, toasting marshmallows in the fire pit with the kids and lazy afternoons spent sunning at the local swimming hole. While most of the best days of summer are behind us, it’s never too early to start planning for next year!
This is a great time to purchase summertime toys, like kayaks, patio furniture and grills. Most stores will be looking to get rid of their excess inventory to make room for fall and winter gear. Get a head start on next year’s best summer ever. It might make getting through the cold winter days a little bit harder, but you’ll be ready for anything come next June. [More]

Farmer’s Market Finds

14. August 2014 00:00
There are three great reasons to buy your food locally; your bank account, your family and the community that surrounds you. When you buy direct from the farmers, bakers and food connoisseurs in your neighborhood, the food doesn’t have to take a long trip before it reaches your dinner table. The moment vegetables and fruits are harvested, they begin to lose their nutrients. The faster your family eats them, the healthier they will be. Not only will you get an extra power boost from all your fresh foods, you will save money doing it. [More]

Kitchen Pet Peeves Solved

13. August 2014 00:00
I’m no chef, but I do love to eat. When I have the time, I like to cook, too. I am a huge fan of fresh fruits and vegetables and adore the idea of making healthy meals every day for my family. However, I’m so busy that I often don’t have the patience to prepare the fresh food I crave. It takes so much time to start from scratch, and every little step becomes an annoyance. However, I have found that the following handy gadgets solve my most common kitchen pet peeves. [More]