Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

31. October 2014 00:00
We all have intuition, but in some people it appears to be more pronounced. Do these people really have psychic powers? Would you like to develop your own psychic awareness? If so, then Increase Your Psychic Powers Day on October 31 is the perfect time to begin tapping into those abilities. Here are some tips and exercises to help you strengthen your clairvoyance and have a little fun on Halloween. [More]

Top 10 Horror Movies

30. October 2014 00:00
Halloween is one of my top three favorite holidays, as I’ve always loved the creepy feeling October brings with it. R.L. Stine was my favorite author until I grew into Stephen King. I’ve probably seen every major horror film that was made after 1980, and it’s an annual tradition to watch every Michael Myers movie during the month of October. Based on the above criteria, I think I’m qualified to create this top ten list of must see horror films. Pro tip: Don’t watch any of these at night when you’re home alone. [More]

Four Essential Skin Care Products For The Fall (And They Are All Under $40!)

29. October 2014 00:00
With the change in season, the skin on your face may need a little extra help when it comes to maintaining that amazing summer glow. Thanks to cooler weather, your skin could be giving you a hint that it wants more moisture.

I know how overwhelming sorting through shelves and shelves of skin products can be, especially when you have a budget to keep to. Not to worry! The items listed below will be all that you’ll need for the fall to keep your skin and wallet happy.

Here are four skin care products you will want to have in your stash to maintain that dewy summer look through the fall season. [More]

Easy No-Bake Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

28. October 2014 00:00
When you think of fall food, you can't help but think of pumpkin. While pumpkin pie may be your go-to treat, there are plenty of alternatives that are much easier to make. The best part is that they don't even involve any baking. Follow along to get some inspiration and enjoy the tastes of fall. [More]

The Best Sample Sale Sites

27. October 2014 00:00
It used to be only the in-crowd that found out about exclusive sample sales hidden deep in the hollows of New York City, or at least that’s how they made it appear in the movies. Now, you can find tons of great deals on designer duds with a click of your mouse. Websites that specialize in providing designer apparel and goods for limited-time sales are popping up all over the place. Here are some of the top sites that will keep you and your family decked out in the latest styles by top designers, and a few tips on how to save even more at these sites. [More]

How to Save Money When Planning a Halloween Party

24. October 2014 00:00
Adults are never too old to celebrate Halloween, but celebrating can come at a cost, especially when you are planning a Halloween party. While shopping for Halloween supplies, your imagination can run wild with you as you pile items into your shopping cart and wait with bated breath as the cashier reads you your total.

Before you shop for your Halloween party, know that there are ways to enjoy this festive day without spending every dollar in your wallet.

Here are some great places where you can find all of your Halloween needs at reasonable prices! [More]

Goodwill Hunting

23. October 2014 00:00
Your first time at the thrift store can be an overwhelming experience- there is just so much to look at! If you don’t have a game plan you may end up leaving empty-handed. Some things just aren’t worth buying second-hand, but there are tons of items that you can save hundreds of dollars on. You may even find a never used item that will make all your friends jealous. Here are some of the top buys that are totally worth purchasing at a thrift store. [More]

5 Best Retailer Blogs

22. October 2014 00:00
It goes without saying that we’re all obsessed with shopping online. What’s not to love? You can view everything with just a few clicks, easily sort items to find what you’re looking for, and best of all, you can do it while cuddled up in your jammies sipping tea. Shopping is the best, but some sites have raised their online presence to a whole new level. These stores have blogs so amazing they can inspire you to transform your wardrobe or even your lifestyle. I can get so lost in admiration that I sometimes almost forget to shop. Here are my picks for the best retailer blogs on the web. [More]

Is Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Worth It?

21. October 2014 00:00
When Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited first came out, I have to admit I was skeptical. As a member of Amazon Prime, I don’t think I have ever taken advantage of my free Kindle book that I’m alotted each month. Why would I need this new program? After a little bit of digging, I changed my tune. Here’s what I found out. [More]

Haunted Happenings

20. October 2014 00:00
October is here, and it's everyone's favorite time of year to scare the pants off ourselves and each other. Whether you are a chicken at heart who is just in it for candy and fun, or a true terror enthusiast, here are a few of the best places across the country to get your pulse racing. [More]