Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grinds

30. September 2014 00:00
We all love coffee, so why not get even more out of our morning routine? Surprisingly, coffee grinds have many more benefits once they're done with their initial job. Instead of throwing your next batch in the trash, keep them to the side for the many ways you can take advantage of their properties. [More]

Summer Outfits For the Fall

29. September 2014 00:00
The weather is getting cooler, and all that is left of the summer are the fun memories and photos of you in your stylish summer outfits. Before you decide to pack those outfits away, stop! They might be perfect for fall.

For many of us, shopping for a new fall wardrobe is fun, but it can also get expensive. If you are trying to conserve money and cut down on spending, it becomes more and more important to make do with what you already have.

Most of your summer pieces can be worn well into the fall season. All you will need is a couple of additions to leave you feeling fashionable and comfortable. [More]

The Top Nail Colors for Fall (All Under $10!)

26. September 2014 00:00
Fall is a favorite among us all because of the vibrant colors the season offers thanks to the changing of the leaves and the breathtaking autumn sunsets. While you may need to add another layer of clothing, fall gives many of us nail polish lovers a reason to get dolled up in crisp colors that best represent the season. Spotted on the runways of New York Fashion Week for Fall 2014, the colors that reigned supreme were rich and warm shades.

Here are the nail polish colors you will want to have on hand to stay on top of the hottest nail color trends for fall. [More]

Host Your Own Oktoberfest

25. September 2014 00:00
Oktoberfest may just be the perfect holiday. It doesn’t require observance of stuffy traditions, expensive decorations or forced gift-giving. And who doesn’t appreciate a good excuse to enjoy a glass of beer (or several) and some calorie-laden comfort food? Traditionally beginning the third weekend in September, and lasting through the first weekend of October, Oktoberfest allows us to toast the end of summer, welcome crisp fall weather and relax before the start of the hectic winter holiday season.

Not many of us can afford to fly to Munich for an authentic Oktoberfest. And unless you live in a large city or a predominantly German area, public celebrations may be scarce. So why not throw your own? Whether part of your heritage or not, it is a great excuse for a party. Here are some suggestions for hosting a fun and easy Oktoberfest event at home. [More]

Fall Beauty Trends

24. September 2014 00:00
This fall, the beauty world is redefining the classic look. With some small tweaks, you can easily be right on trend. It just takes a little updating and a little creativity to get prepared. Follow along to learn about this season's hottest looks! [More]

How to Shop, Save, and Survive as a New College Student

23. September 2014 00:00
New college students would describe the thought of going away for school as having more freedom. Unlike high school, the college experience brings with it more responsibilities and the ability to have more control over your day. What some college students don’t consider is that being away from home can get expensive. However, knowing how to shop and save as a college student will help you make the best out of the four years you are away at school and will make your college experience well worth it.

With the below suggestions, you will know how to financially survive your first year of college and take with you healthy financially habits through graduation. [More]

Leaf Peeping Road Trips

22. September 2014 00:00
A quick stop at a local café for a to-go cup of coffee, the company of a loved one and a dazzling drive through mountains and valleys covered in a canopy of richly hued leaves. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thousands of roads exist throughout the nation that highlight the crisp, colored leaves of fall, but I want to share three of my favorites from places I have lived or visited, in the hopes that they inspire you to take your own leaf peeping road trip. [More]

The Best Fall Denim Trends

19. September 2014 00:00
Looks like it’s about time to put away the shorts we’ve been rocking all summer. You can tell, because every fashion magazine has devoted its latest issue to our favorite go-to for fall -- denim. Like most of us, you probably live in your jeans and can never have too many pairs. Want to try out a few new looks this year? These are the styles that everyone will be wearing this season. [More]

Best Resources to Help You Find Your New Pet

18. September 2014 00:00
The search for your new best friend is fun, but can be overwhelming as there are so many choices. Do you buy your next dog from a breeder? Are you in search of a rescue animal? Would you prefer a purebred or a mixed breed? Whether you’re looking for an animal with scales, feathers or fur, you can narrow down your search using the following resources. [More]

The Best Days for the Best Sales

17. September 2014 00:00
While a sale is a sale, most people don't know that there is actually a trend to when the find the best deals. Retailers and companies constantly analyze traffic and sales, and they rely on a regular weekly schedule. This fact works well for you, the consumer. Find out which days are the best days to buy certain items. [More]